Bare Cheek's Acai Face Butter is loaded with vitamins & antioxidants!  Sunflower Oil infused with Acai Berries, Evening Primrose, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cocoa & Shea Butter.....sounds like the makings of a delicious recipe huh? Actually it IS a delicious recipe, but for your skin! Loaded with vitamins & antioxidants, this uber rich face cream will help keep parched, dry skin hydrated for the months to come. (2 oz.) Great for dry skin.  

Acai Face Butter

  • acai infused sunflower oil, shea butter, evening primrose, avocado &

    pumpkin seed oils, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, steric acid, glycerin, panthenol-B, distilled water, neo defend, sweet orange essential oil , tangerine essential oil


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